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Coverage and Conference Call in Mobiles

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If we have a mobile phone we use a network. Networks provide us a service by that we make a call. All networks service is accessible within its network area. Networks area is bounded by geographic area. So, A network give a service in its geographic area called coverage area of call. Out of coverage area we can not make a single call.

Like this conference calls are also provide by mobile phones. Almost all mobile phones have conference calls features. By this we can make call on many people at a time. It connect many people simultaneously and help them discuss on a single line.

Blutooth technology in Mobile Phones

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bluetooth is a useful connecting device for mobile phones. By Bluetooth we are able to transfer a file between two mobiles. Within 30 foot area we can transfer any file in a mobile from other mobiles.

Bluetooth is a wire-less connectivity by it any file we can transfer in a mobile from another mobile. We can transfer file that are – images, songs and other content which is in your mobile phone.

It is very useful to us because in these days we want carry on all the things in our mobile. So, if Bluetooth is in our mobile it is better for us.

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