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Hazel and Elm Two Other New Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones by Sony Ericsson

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recently, Sony Ericsson announced to launch two new other eco-friendly mobile phones – Hazel and Elm. Sony Ericsson Hazel and Sony Ericsson Elm are the newest “GreanHeart” mobile phones for Indian market.

Sony Ericsson Hazel and Sony Ericsson Elm mobile phones offer great features and fun with a green choice. The mobile phones are equipped with better voice quality with noise shield.

Social networking and widget manager applications of the phones allow users to access their social network via the stand-by screen also.

Sony Ericsson Company announces to make its entire accessories 100% Green Heart by 2011. Both phones offer the best key features also.

Sony Ericsson Hazel Mobile Phone Key Features:


Superior Black and Passionate Rouge colours

2.6 inches display with TFT screen

5.0 mega pixel camera with auto focus

Video record and video light features

Digital Zoom – up to 4x

Up to 280MB Phone Memory card





USB support


Messaging, Entertainment, Organizer, Location-based services and Availability features of Sony Ericsson Hazel mobile offer greatest experience on the go.

Sony Ericsson Elm Mobile Phone Key Features:

Metal Black and Pearly Rose colours


2.2 inches display with TFT

5.0 mega pixel camera with auto focus

Video record and video light features

Up to 280MB Phone Memory card

Data and Connectivity, Messaging, Entertainment, Organizer, Location-based services and Availability features of Sony Ericsson Elm mobile are almost similar to Sony Ericsson Hazel.

Both Sony Ericsson mobile phones are able to reduce CO2 emissions. The phones are made by Recycled plastic. Sony Ericsson Hazel and Sony Ericsson Elm will surly lead the Indian mobile market for its design, shape, eco-friendly and greatest features.

Sony Ericsson already has introduced two GreanHeart mobile phones – Naite and GreanHeart. Now, the company tries to introduce its all products eco-friendly by 2011.

RIM Unveiled BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 and eBay Application

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recently, RIM unveiled BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0. This is a PC based application that can sync photos in both directions. It is in addition to music for this handset. This PC based application will enable users to drag files or folders from the computer to BlackBerry.

A user can optimize photos also with this application. This application allows users to store more and more stuffs. BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 is able to let users drag photos off the gadget also.

It will let users by pops up that will give an alert whenever pictures are detected. You can download BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 at

BlackBerry Media Sync already had introduced as syncs playlists and random music lists. It was familiar with iTunes and Windows Media Player. It was helpful to work with any recent, media-capable BlackBerry smartphone.

RIM launches another good application for BlackBerry. It is new eBay public beta version application for BlackBerry. This application will let users search, buy, pay for, and check the status of eBay auctions which is running on the web site. eBay for BlackBerry app will notify users about the updated status of listing also.

Third application of BlackBerry is related to the Google. Recently, Google updated its tool for plugging Google Applications accounts into the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. It is done by Google to support more devices from each server. Earlier version of the connector had capacity to support about 200 handsets per server but with new version of connector; it can support upto 500 handsets per server.

Among all these updates, BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 is the biggest updates for BlackBerry users. In the comparison of eBay application for BlackBerry, Media Sync 3.0 for BlackBerry is the most useful for users. However, eBay application is also very useful because the phone is known as the business phone. Now, users of BlackBerry are able to get more stuff on their handsets with updated applications.

World’s First 4G LTE Technology Announced by Samsung

Sunday, October 25, 2009

4G Samsung
Samsung electronics announced to launch world’s first LTE (long-term evolution) device that will support LTE technology. It will be 4th generation wireless technology standard. Samsung is the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer. The company joined with Europe’s largest telecom company, TeliaSonera to provide terminals that use LTE.

This will be next-generation wireless technology equipped with WiMAX. Last year, TeliaSonera had more than 135 million subscribers and currently, it uses WCDMA, third-generation technology. If the deal with Samsung goes smoothly, TeliaSonera will begin the world’s first commercial use of this technology till next year.

LTE comes with bigger capacity and faster technology in comparison of third-generation mobile telecommunication networks. On this occasion, Jong-kyun who is the vice-president and head of the mobile communications division at Samsung Electronics said, “We are very pleased to be a part of commercializing LTE technology with TeliaSonera for the first time in the world along. This will be a crucial start in the future development of the telecommunications industry”. As per the statement of vice-president, the deal is also better for Samsung.

The terminal is a USB stick. It will be connected portable devices including a notebook computer. Users will be able to download a 700 megabit feature movie in just a minute. It will use company’s LTE modem chip that will be branded with Kalmia. It will support 2.6 GHz band.

The LTE is designed with the 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP). According to marketing analysts, market will grow about 71.8 million units by 2012 and 149.7 million units by 2013 for LTE devices. Already, Samsung Electronics was declared as first company in the world to commercialize WiMAX wireless broadband technology in 2007. The company has invested about 35% market share in the mobile WiMAX global market.

LTE by Samsung will bring next-generation technological revolution in telecom industry. For this device TeliaSonera and Samsung partnership will be also the biggest achievement in telecom industry.

Tata Indicom Introduces “Pay Per Call” Plan for Pre-Paid Users

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

There is good news for pre-paid users of Tata Indicome. Tata Indicom is the major company of telecom industry of India. The company announces “Pay Per Call” plan for its pre-paid users on 2nd September, 2009. The plan is valid for both – Local calls and STD calls. So, now if you are a new customer or existing customer of TATA Indicom then you will be able to use every call in just Rs. 1 - local and STD.

On this occasion, Anil Sardana, MD of Tata Teleservices said to Times of India,
“Our pre-paid subscribers will pay a fixed charge of Re 1 per local call and Rs 3 for STD calls for unlimited duration.”
TATA Indicom is the biggest chunk of CDMA subscriber in the country which has about 40 million subscribers. In spite of, the company has needed to win GSM subscriber also. So, the company has introduced the plan for GSM users only.

New tariff plan of TATA Indicom is valid for all calls on every network – mobile phones or landline connection on any networks. The new tariff is effective for SMS charges also. Now, SMS charge will be 50 Paise per SMS for both - local and STD.

The new tariff will be activated on one-time recharge of Rs 96 for new and existing customer of TATA Indicom. If a customer is not able to pay Rs. 96 tariff one time then there is another plan of daily fee of Re 1. This is in the option of Rs. 96 one time tariff plan.

You should know that this new tariff plan is not available for post-paid customer. Yes, if the company gets valuable assessment after the successes of the plan then surly, it will introduce for post-paid customers also.

Vineet Bhatia, COO of NCR region of Tata Teleservices said to Times of India,
“The product is the result of research and studies to understand consumer trends and usage patterns. Also, the fact that this offer is for both local and STD calls makes it unique, something that holds the potential to completely redefine the Indian telecom pricing paradigm.”
Yes, this offer will create a price war in Indian telecommunication market.

There is already Aircel, Vodafone, Airtell and MTNL big competitors in Indian market who already have reduced their cheapest call prices for mobile and landline. Now, this step of TATA Indicom will create closer price war in the Indian telecom market.

LG Viewty GC900 for India and LG GD910 Watch Phone Unveiled by LG

Sunday, August 9, 2009

LG Viewty GC900 for India and LG GD910 Watch Phone
Recently, LG Electronics unveiled two new phones – Viewty GC900 for India and GD910 watch phone. LG Viewty GC900 is a smart phone for only Indian market. It has 8MP camera features. The phone has ability to store and cherish beautiful moments of life by decent photography.

It has distinct Shot Mode which gives a great experience of clicking to complete an impressive photo. Users are able to analyze scenes before taking an image. He can set camera according to his preference and suitability.

We can say Viewty is a smart digital camera phone for real people who want to adopt real technology. LG Viewty is already one of the most famous handsets of LG Electronics. So, there is no need to describe much about it. It is famous for its capability, design, features and camera.

Anil Arora who is the Business Group Marketing Head of mobile communication in LG Electornics said,
“LG Viewty Smart changes is a treasure trove, giving you pictures that look exactly like what you see. It is the best 8 megapixel camera phone on the market not only because of its specs, but because of the unparalleled user experience it delivers.”
So, he emphasize of camera features of the phone. It means the phone will be popular for 8MP camera features.

Further he describes,
“Viewty Smart is a real digital camera in a really stylish phone. Perfect for those dedicated to fashion and who like to be one step ahead of the technology crowd, LG GC 900 allows you to take your best shot and share your photos with friends and family quickly and simply. The Viewty Smart has a gorgeous display and best-of-class user interface. It has the potential of becoming a bestseller as it takes the pleasure of taking pictures to newer horizons.”
Here also he says everything about the camera features of the phone. He has emphasized on photo shooting and sharing among family and friends.

LG GC900 is touch-screen phone. It is in 102g weighs. In the Indian market it is priced as Rs. 27,500.

On the other hands, LG Electronics has done great job. The company has unveiled a Watch phone that is known as GD910. It is 3G enabled touch phone. In the world market the watch phone is priced as $1,290 with one or two year’s contract.

The LG GD910 watch phone comes with 1.43-inch touchscreen display, fluid interface, VGA camera, video calls, Orange 3G/3G+ mobile broadband and 14mm thick device.

So, LG has taken great step in global market. He is introducing phones according to the market choices. Watch phone of this company will get great popularity because it would be 1st watch phone for the mobile market.

Sony Ericsson Introduces W995 in the Competition of Nokia N86

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nokia N86 and Sony Ericsson W995
New phone of Sony Ericsson W995 is being known as entertainment powerhouse. Nokia N86 is also the series of Xpressmusic. So, in the mobile market there are two most competitive new phones – Sony Ericsson W995 and Nokia N86. Now, we have to follow up what are the basic features in both phones which will attract users?

At first we will go through Sony Ericsson W995 which offers 8.1MP camera. It has home theater system, media go and SensMe technology. Camera features of Sony Ericsson W995 offers face detection, smile Shutter and LED flash technology.

On the Launch of Sony Ericsson W995, Sudhin Mathur who is the General Manager in Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication Department of India, said,
“Mobile Phones today are at the epicenter of our digital lives and are increasingly looked upon as a gateway to entertainment on the go. With the launch of Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone, we are making an attempt to converge mobile entertainment by bringing together best quality video experience, premium imaging and music features and great connectivity options.”

In this statement Sudhin Mathur has make a clear-cut opinions about Sony Ericsson W995 that it would be a music, video, image and better connectivity phone. Specially, he has emphasized on music and entertainment by which the phone would be known.

Sony Ericsson W995 incorporates it with some great features such as – 2.6 inch display, USB cable, HPM-77 headset, 3D games, YouTube video etc. The phone is priced as 26,786 INR.

Now we should check something about Nokia N86. The phone is also equipped with 8MP camera. Nokia N86 features are - 8 GB internal memory, millions of tracks and playlists, Bluetooth, high-speed connectivity, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens etc.

In the market still Sony Ericsson W995 needs more popularity than Nokia N86. However, W995 is better than N86. My vote goes to W995 for better design, functionality, cashing and good looking phone.

Naite and GreenHeart Eco Mobile Phones announced by Sony Ericsson to Launch

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart
Two new "GreenHeart" products are unveiled by Sony Ericsson today. The company plan to reduce the carbon emissions from its mobile products. In this series first product has been launched, the C901 as “GreenHeart”. It will include an electronic, in-phone manual which will replace the standard paper version and will save over 90% in paper. Sony Ericsson C901 “GreenHeart” phone has been made by a minimum of 50% recycled plastics including an optimized display light sensor that uses less energy. The mobile phone is coloured with waterborne paint. The waterborne paint will lower exposure to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Along with these, C901 GreenHeart has many features of innovations. Another is Naite which will come in market with a low-power charger. It will be EP300 “GreenHeart” charger. The company is estimating to reduce by 15% of CO² overall from the full life of the C901 “GreenHeart” and Naite.

Dick Komiyama who is the President of Sony Ericsson said about it, “Building on the established heritage of our parent companies, Sony Ericsson has worked continuously to become an industry leader in the area of removing harmful substances from the core of its phones and in creating industry leading energy efficiency chargers. Today we are announcing the next step in our sustainability strategy - the GreenHeart pioneer products - which launch with two innovative new phones and a commitment to roll out these innovations across the broader portfolio in 2010 and 2011, allowing us to build a more sustainable business.”

Sony Ericsson NaiteQ3 2009 which has been in operation since 2007 will also see the continued roll out of Sony Ericsson's global take-back programme. Users can send back their used mobile phones by this program. It will be benefited for both – users and company, components and materials are used again. It is reducing the need to extract and refine raw materials for new products.

Sony Ericsson C901 “GreenHeart” supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS/HSPA 900/2100. It would be available in selected markets from Q2.

Sony Ericsson Naite supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS HSDPA 850/1900/2100. It would be available in selected markets from Q3.

Apple iPhone and iPod touch required for US University

Sunday, May 17, 2009

US University announced that Apple iPhone and iPod touch are necessary gadgets to review lectures of audio recording. However, officials have confirmed that they will not enforce the law. In spite of, students will get financial assistance to buy the device. The device will generate a special status of university. On the scheme more than 50 universities of US are working.

In this context Brian Books said that it can be a required aspect of life. Everyone should keep it in their financial estimation. US universities use a Tegrity program to record lectures in iTune Music Store. To download the lecture, students should have the device.

Students of US universities are not positives towards the compromise. They say that it is nothing but much ado. It is close tie-up with Apple to sell out iPhone and iPod touch.

Journalism department has announced that it is the preference of university to use Apple’s products because lots of students are using these. Universities prefer to buy Apple’s laptop rather than windows based PC.

The decision has been taken by the university to protect PC from viruses. Viruses are serious and common problem in the campus. Apple’s OS operating system is based on UNIX which is much strong to fight with viruses.

There are other benefits also with Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. These come with iLife bundle which is an application of photo editing, audio and video editing. These programs are used to in classes by universities.

EDGE and GPRS Technologies for Mobile Phones

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nowadays, EDGE and GPRS technology is offered by almost all mobile phones handsets. What is EDGE, don’t know everyone however GPRS is known by some people. We need to explore our knowledge about EDGE and GPRS technology of mobile phones which is most famous nowadays.

EDGE technology in mobile phones handsets is most useful for business and web users. It offers users to expand bandwidth and various multimedia services to access video clips, images and such as services in their mobile phones.

Most of the people like to share video clips and images which are in large file in their mobile phones so, that users can be benefited if there is EDGE technology in their mobile phones handsets.

GPRS is another most important technology of mobile phones handsets which offer internet services. It delivers wireless pocket data for GSM handsets customers. It offers internet connection to mobile phones users.

GPRS technology is able to offer video conferences along with to surf multimedia web sites. So, in these days these both technologies EDGE and GPRS have great importance due to web and video popularity.

A user can write blog by their mobile phones if he has GPRS and EDGE technology. With EDGE technology he or she can store images or videos in his or her mobile and by the GPRS technology he or she can send that to blog post.

One can access everything to use GPRS feature by their mobile phones. He can connect with the web to search his requirement.

News about Most Playing Games on Gaming Technology

Friday, March 20, 2009

SuperBike 2001

Recently I go through a news about most playing games on gaming technology. The news is here: Most Playing Game is Adventure and Action in the World.

"According to gaming news it is known that in the recent day’s computer games and games on gaming consoles are most playing. Xbox, Play Station and Nintendo Wii products are the most selling gaming consoles in the world. On these gaming consoles most of the time people play adventure and action games ( according to the report. About the computer games news writes that most of the downloading games on computer is related to adventure and action genre.

After the touch-screen mobile phones ( now in the world of games one more phase has been included that are action and adventure playing games on the mobiles by touch.

In action genre games most time playing games on the computer and gaming consoles are – Virtua Cop, Halo, Star War, Shooter, Call of Duty and Grand Theft etc. These are arcade genre games also (

In the development of these games SEGA Sammy is on the top for launching action and adventure genre games. Sega Corporation is the company of Japan which is one of the most old in gaming worlds.

In the adventure games most playing games are – bike racing and car racing. On the gaming consoles most of the playing games are bike or car racing.

On the popularity of Halo 3 recent news writes that Halo 3 reaches 1 billion matches and about 64 thousands years it has playing time. All these news announced that in the all over world most playing games on computer and gaming consoles are action and adventures.

Most of the movies’ games genre is also related to action and adventure. In the movies games – Terminator and Mummy are most famous games also for PC. In the 2007-2008 gaming console’s selling does have reached in billions of profit. After the great success of gaming consoles most of the companies are busy in developing new games and new gaming consoles technologies. In this way Microsoft and Sony are on top like SEGA."

A Debate on Apple iPhone and Opera Mini

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am going to share one of the great news about opera mini and apple iphone by touch-screen mobile phones blog. Below is the news:

"Opera is a browser like Safari, S60 etc. it allow users to access their system on the operation. Mini Opera which is known as Opera mobile are much capable browser for any mobile phones. As I mentioned that Opera is a desktop browser also for windows and Apple machine and it has created a Opera Mini to run on the iPhone. But it is very bad news that Apple won’t allow to offer the application for iPhone users on its Apple Store.

Mobile browsing experience shows that Opera Mini or Opera Mobile has greater experience than mobile Internet Explorer, most WAP browsers and even the S60 browser. It has been tasted on many mobile phones also.

Apple iPhone’s Safari browser has also great experience but Opera developing a new platform as Opera Mini to run on the mobile phone. Opera CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner says, “Opera’s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.”

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile offer a better mobile browsing experience rather than others however apple won’t allow the application on the iPhone. I don’t know what is the reason behind it but the something is more clear that iPhone want to be an independent phone.

I think it is also not true because there are many application of iPhone has been released with the collaboration of Google. Even YouTube also has given much contribution on the iPhone.

Recently, the news shows its collaboration with Google on the occasion of Google Earth with iPhone release.

After all it is clear that iPhone want to be a stronger brand however the good things are involving with it but all will be decided by the approval of Apple."

Source Via:Apple iPhone don’t need Opera Mini, why?

Apple Application for iPhone and iPod is on top

Monday, January 19, 2009

According to news apple application for its iphone and ipods has earned revenue about $50 million. iPhone for today’s market is very strong and most of the application which are for iphone and ipod is really very useful a common person also. So, you should read reviews about apple application in the competition of other mobile phones. Below is full review:

"From the July, 2008 Apple started to sell about 300 million software applications for iPhone and iPod touch. It is not the perfect but maximum estimation from the whole research the matter came in light that Apple now will earn about $50 to $100 million revenue to sell its applications for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The estimation comes through last year which was about $32 billion by its applications for the software. We know or Steve Jobs also announce itself that most of the applications are free and about 100 million has been download by users in just last six weeks. “While most of those applications were free, Apple sold an average of $1 million a day in applications for a total of about $30 million in sales over the month,” in a interview Apple CEO Steve Jobs said.

Apple Application Store

According to the estimation Apple will earn $50-$100 Million Revenue from these, “Apple recently published the top 10 most-downloaded paid apps. Their average price is about $2.80. We’ll round that up to $3. That suggests Apple’s gross revenue from paid apps is $300 million. Apple takes a 30% cut, and gives 70% to developers. That’s $90 million for Apple, which we’ll round up to $100 million for simplicity’s sake.” these are major point. With the data we can also consider that Apple surely earn its revenue from its apps about $50-$100.

In the competition of Apple, BlackBerry announced to launch an application store till next March. The announcement comes in audience in October for the RIM users. It will be great experience for the RIM users and financial market also because RIM launches also touchscreen mobile phones with high featured.

Gartenberg concluded its, “When you’ve got the right technology, the right messaging, the right marketing, and the right product coming together at the right time, you can do a lot.” it means in the mobile phone market one more competitor is coming as BlackBerry in the industry of application and software. However, Nokia already acquire Symbian operating system.

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