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Apple iPhone and iPod touch required for US University

Sunday, May 17, 2009

US University announced that Apple iPhone and iPod touch are necessary gadgets to review lectures of audio recording. However, officials have confirmed that they will not enforce the law. In spite of, students will get financial assistance to buy the device. The device will generate a special status of university. On the scheme more than 50 universities of US are working.

In this context Brian Books said that it can be a required aspect of life. Everyone should keep it in their financial estimation. US universities use a Tegrity program to record lectures in iTune Music Store. To download the lecture, students should have the device.

Students of US universities are not positives towards the compromise. They say that it is nothing but much ado. It is close tie-up with Apple to sell out iPhone and iPod touch.

Journalism department has announced that it is the preference of university to use Apple’s products because lots of students are using these. Universities prefer to buy Apple’s laptop rather than windows based PC.

The decision has been taken by the university to protect PC from viruses. Viruses are serious and common problem in the campus. Apple’s OS operating system is based on UNIX which is much strong to fight with viruses.

There are other benefits also with Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. These come with iLife bundle which is an application of photo editing, audio and video editing. These programs are used to in classes by universities.

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