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Sony Ericsson Introduces W995 in the Competition of Nokia N86

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nokia N86 and Sony Ericsson W995
New phone of Sony Ericsson W995 is being known as entertainment powerhouse. Nokia N86 is also the series of Xpressmusic. So, in the mobile market there are two most competitive new phones – Sony Ericsson W995 and Nokia N86. Now, we have to follow up what are the basic features in both phones which will attract users?

At first we will go through Sony Ericsson W995 which offers 8.1MP camera. It has home theater system, media go and SensMe technology. Camera features of Sony Ericsson W995 offers face detection, smile Shutter and LED flash technology.

On the Launch of Sony Ericsson W995, Sudhin Mathur who is the General Manager in Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication Department of India, said,
“Mobile Phones today are at the epicenter of our digital lives and are increasingly looked upon as a gateway to entertainment on the go. With the launch of Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone, we are making an attempt to converge mobile entertainment by bringing together best quality video experience, premium imaging and music features and great connectivity options.”

In this statement Sudhin Mathur has make a clear-cut opinions about Sony Ericsson W995 that it would be a music, video, image and better connectivity phone. Specially, he has emphasized on music and entertainment by which the phone would be known.

Sony Ericsson W995 incorporates it with some great features such as – 2.6 inch display, USB cable, HPM-77 headset, 3D games, YouTube video etc. The phone is priced as 26,786 INR.

Now we should check something about Nokia N86. The phone is also equipped with 8MP camera. Nokia N86 features are - 8 GB internal memory, millions of tracks and playlists, Bluetooth, high-speed connectivity, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens etc.

In the market still Sony Ericsson W995 needs more popularity than Nokia N86. However, W995 is better than N86. My vote goes to W995 for better design, functionality, cashing and good looking phone.

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