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LG Optimus One – LG Optimus One Android Smartphone Launched at Rs. 13500

Saturday, December 25, 2010

LG Optimus One
Recently, LG announced the launch of Optimus One. The phone is being considered as one of the most innovative smart devices of LG. Optimus One is introduced as innovative and cutting edge technology. LG Optimus One is priced at Rs. 13500.

LG Optimus One is the result of extensive consumer research and development of LG Electronics. Users can gather information in today’s digital age through the phone.

LG Optimus One is an iconic Android-powered smart phone with 2.2 OS. LG tries to consolidate its position in Indian market through the smartphone. The company will launch 10 more devices in the next 6 months under Optimus series.

LG Optimus One mobile phone comes with smoother internet browsing, web-page loading, application pop-ups and multi-tasking. The phone is the optimal choice for a versatile smart phone.

It transforms to become whatever you want through advanced technology and 40 preloaded applications. It is featured with 3 MP cameras, 2 GB Memory, GPRS, EDGE, Threaded Messages and many more special features.

According to the Mr. Moon B Shin, Managing Director, LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd., “Smartphones are poised to drive the growth in the India mobile market in the coming years and LG’s focus on innovation based on thorough consumer research, places us squarely at the forefront of that evolution. 2011 will be aacceleration phase for LG Mobiles, and all are plans, investments are aligned towards taking 12-15% of market share in Smartphone segment.”

LG Optimus One is being considered as the most innovative handset of LG. It comes with latest technology and great looks. Design of the phone is as impressive as ALCATEL ICE3 OT 880.

You can organize your social network through the handset. It is the most liked phone by the users also. The phone comes at affordable price also. Camera features and pre-loaded applications make the phone more impressive.

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